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Eight One Five Gallery is open every Third Friday during "Art in Columbus Park." 

This is not an event space.

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Tate Owens


 September 16, 2022
 third Friday @ Columbus Park
 Reception 5:30-10:00 pm


Tate Owens is currently an arts teacher, and the Chair of the Fine Arts Department at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, MO,.  Tate grew up in Dodge City, KS and and received a BSE in art education from Emporia State University. He received his master's degree in Visual Art Education from the University of Kansas and has been producing and displaying art for as long as he can remember. Tate is married and a proud father.
 Having been born and raised in Western Kansas, my work is heavily influenced by my rural roots. I’ve always had a bond with nature. My family has used land to farm. I now use it as an artistic and spiritual resource. Because of this connection, recycled materials and found objects play a major role in my work.

 As an artist, books serve a dual purpose for me. They contribute to the theme and the covers provide a unique color background. Over the years, I’ve collected thousands of books that others have discarded from homes and libraries. I give these stories new life in my work.

Where:  Eight One Five Gallery
               815 E. 5th St.
               Kansas City, Mo  64106

Contact:  Bob Swearengin
                 [email protected]

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